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Top Microbreweries for Best Freshly Brewed Beer In Singapore. Singapore l Opening Hours: Brewerkz Restaurant& Microbrewery features high quality Americanstyle food and a full range of premium beers handcrafted onsite from the 10 hl microbrewery attached to the restaurant.Singapore's first microbrewery restaurant delivers what the beerlovers want: handcrafted premium beers to suit every palate, from staples like Indian pale ale to festive favourites like the Oktoberfest brew. brewerkz dempsey opening hours

Craft brewing is continually expanding in both Asia and throughout the world. Brewerkz is well positioned to move successfully along with this rising tide, and welcomes any queries about opening your own franchise. For enquiries on franchise opportunities, please email to

You can watch sports for hours and drink wide selection of beers. Servicenya disini oke banget, ramah semua! Tapi untuk harga memang a bit pricey and food wise I might say it as just okay. Jadi brewerkz memang paling enak buat duduk minum ngobrol santai; ) Price: 40, 2 Reviews, 13 Wishlisted. Find out what the community is saying and what dishes to order at Brewerkz (Dempsey).brewerkz dempsey opening hours Serving our first brew in 1997, Brewerkz has garnered the title of Singapores first microbrewery restaurant. Since inception, Brewerkz is committed to brewing beer that people love. We brew for the day drinker, the beer geek, the first timer, and the pintanighter. Each batch fills a greater purpose by nourishing the souls of beer lovers.

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Any cause for worry that Brewerkz was moving towards a more high end concept with the Dempseyarea Taphouse (joining nearby Red Dot and Tawandang breweries, also on the hill) can be put to rest. brewerkz dempsey opening hours In the years since the opening of Brewerkz in 1997, the restaurant has morphed into a culinary juggernaut, with offshoots popping up in various corners of the country. Located in the vibrant Riverside Point, Brewerkz welcomes diners who flock to the casual eatery with sleek wood and zinc accents. Brewerkz offers some of the best Western Cuisine serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for family, large groups, catching up with friends and colleagues. THE BUZZ: Situated in Clarke Quay Singapore's iconic nightlife district Brewerkz was established as Singapore's first microbrewery restaurant back in 1997. The brainchild of Americanborn Devin Otto Kimble and Daniel Flores, it specialises in classic comfort American food

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