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Yerebatan Caddesi. 1570. Visit website. Hours 9am6. 30pm. Price adultchild under 8yr 20free. Like most sites in stanbul, the cistern has an unusual history. It was originally known as the Basilica Cistern because it lay underneath the Stoa Basilica, one of the great squares on the first hill. Designed to service the Great PalaceBasilica Cistern opening hours are 09: 00 17: 30 (winter) and 09: 00 18: 30 (summer). The cistern is open daily. The queues for visiting the Basilica Cistern can be quite long but if you get there for 9 am, you could be in for a peaceful visit, like we had. yerebatan cistern opening hours

Basilica Cistern used to be the city's largest underground water reservoir in Byzantine times. It was built in the 6th century by Byzantine Emperor Justinian Its purpose was to ensure the city's water supply even in time of droughts and sieges.

The Basilica Cistern (Turkish: Yerebatan Sarnc Cistern Sinking Into Ground ), is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul (formerly Constantinople), Turkey. Oct 13, 2012 Hi all, Does anyone know the correct opening hours for Basilica Cistern? . The FAQ to the side with winter hours states that last entry is 6: 30pm and it closes at 7pm.yerebatan cistern opening hours Underground Basilica Cistern. Istanbul Basilica Cistern Entrance Fee and Opening Hours. Basilica Cistern is also known as Yerebatan Saray Sunken Palace in Turkey. Look like an elegant palace buried under the ground.

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Nov 25, 2015  The Basilica Cistern (Turkish: Yerebatan Saray Sunken Palace , or Yerebatan Sarnc Sunken Cistern ), is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of yerebatan cistern opening hours Overview of Closing Days and Opening Hours in Istanbul. you may want to take a look at the opening hours of Istanbuls main tourist attractions so you dont find yourself standing in front of a closed door. Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnc Dec 26, 2018 The Basilica Cistern was part of a complex water storage system created by the Byzantine emperors. This vast manmade cavern was designed to store water to preserve the city in the event of a siege. At different times the cistern was completely filled with water

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