Ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 hours

2019-12-07 20:31

Basically, every 4 hours is fine for a minimal OTC dosage so long as you dont exceed the maximum and keep an eye on your symptoms I wouldnt recommend taking it longterm every 4 hours, especially if youre taking more than 200 or 400 mg at a time.Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, sideeffects, and cautions: Dr. Rhoads on 800 mg ibuprofen every 4 hours: But taken as directed it should not. Be sure to double check the times you take it so as not to duplicate doses. ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 hours

i have been taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hrs. for a few weeks for pain associated with dental work i am having done. i have recently been experiencing dry itchy and now red rashlike symptoms on both of my thighs.

How can the answer be improved? At the 800mg dose, it's recommended to wait at least 68 hours between doses. At this dose, the potential for stomach or intestinal discomfort and bleeding is higher, so it's best to only use high doses of ibuprofen for limited amounts of time.ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 hours The dose of ibuprofen can range from 200 mg every 4 to 6 hours up to 800 mg every 6 hours. The maximum daily dose anyone should ever take is 800 mg every 6 hours or a total of 3200 mg per day.

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Mild to moderate pain: 400 mg every 4 to 6 hours as necessary for relief of pain. In controlled analgesic clinical trials, doses of ibuprofen tablets greater than 400 mg were no more effective than the 400 mg ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 hours 400mg of ibuprofen (2 normal tabs, or 1 extra strength tab) every 46 hours, and up to 1000 mg of acetaminophen (2 extra strength tabs) are the upper recommended dose for both drugs.

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