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Hours a week; Aged 25 to 59: At least 30 hours: You can still apply for Working Tax Credit if youre on leave. you work at least 16 hours a week and your partner is incapacitatedSingle claimants who work at least 30 hours per week will have the 30 hour element included in their award. Similarly, if one member of a couple works at least 30 hours per week, the 30 hour element can be included. If both members work at least 30 hours, only one 30 hour element is included. 30 hours a week working tax credit

Single claimants must work at least 16 hours a week. Lets take a fulltime worker: if you work at least 30 hours a week, you are generally eligible for working tax credits if you earn less than 13, 253 a year (if youre single and dont have children), or less than 18, 023 (jointly as part of a couple without children but working at least 30 hours a week).

30 hours and i am taking 14 credit hours. I have no life outside of work and school. : (You guys make look quite lazy. start working less than 16 hours a week. This might mean you will have to make a new claim for Universal Credit. The Tax Credit Office will tell you what you need to do.30 hours a week working tax credit Working tax credit is a government payment to help with daytoday expenses for working people on low incomes. If you work a certain number of hours a week and have an income below a certain level, you could get up to 1, 960 a year in working tax credit. The 1, 960 figure is called the basic element of working tax credit.

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30 hours of free childcare or early education for 38 weeks; You must be entitled to Working Tax Credit, and you, and any partner, must each be working at least 16 hours a week. You may also be eligible for Child Tax Credit, even if youre not working. How to claim tax credits. 30 hours a week working tax credit An element for working 30 hours or more per week. Disability elements. Severe Disability element. Working Tax Credit is usually paid every four weeks but you can choose to have it paid weekly by asking HMRC to change your payments. Working Tax Credit and other benefits. How many hours does your partner work per week? Not working 8 to 15 hours 16 to 23 hours 24 to 29 hours 30 or more Do you have a disability that puts you at a disadvantage getting a job? Tax credit confusion hours worked? (26 Posts) Add message Report. so I would say that you could easily say that you work 30 hours a week. Obviously the less you earn, the more tax credits you will get. Working tax credit (16hrs) (5, 000). So the maximum they will give you is 8, 300. But then once they have added all the stuff The threshold needs to come down to 16 hours a week, or at least less than 30 hours a week. Working tax credits are a joke and personally I would like to see them axed and replaced with changes in Income Tax so everyone benefits and noone is discriminated for their choice in how they work.

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