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Snakes& Lattes 600 Bloor St West, Toronto, Ontario Rated 4. 5 based on 987 Reviews A friend of mine from the UK came over for a weeks holiday andApr 04, 2014 I had the pleasure of being invited to review Snakes and Lagers after they opened back in February. If you are unfamiliar, Snakes and Lagers is the sister bar to the popular Snakes and Lattes cafe. Targeted towards a different crowd, Snakes and Lagers aims to be that perfect gettogether place for the afterwork crowd. snakes and lagers hours

Snakes& Lagers @SnakesAndLagers Snakes& Lagers Board Game Bar is the brother bar to Snakes& Lattes. We offer a similar gaming experience in a 19 environment.

Yes, in a mere 23 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes, and 24 seconds (according to the countdown on the website at the moment of publishing this ditty), Snakes& Lagers will be opening its doors at 488 College Street. Amen. All Snakes& Lattes venues are all ages. Entrance(s) The primary Snakes& Lattes College entrance is at the corner of College St and Markham St. There is a five step descent to the main door. Ramps: Ramped access to the venue can be found at the west entrance of 489 College St. This access is limited to business hours of the building's othersnakes and lagers hours Snakes& Lagers, 488 College street, South Annex Toronto ON Bar Restaurant

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Snakes& Lattes is always a fun place to hangout with friends for hours and I really enjoyed this location as it seemed a lot more spacious than the bloor location. It's 8 which is pricer than it was the last time I went, bur still not bad for the amount of board games they offer. snakes and lagers hours Feb 01, 2014 Snakes& Lagers Board Game Bar is a gastrogamespub located in downtown Toronto. We curate an extensive draft selection, serve sumptuous foods, and provide access to a curated library of games Canada's online board game store in Toronto, ON. Snakes& Lattes offers free Canadian shipping for all online board game retail. Our venues offer food, beverage, and board games both for Snakes& Lagers is a board game bar on College St. from the same team behind the ever popular Snakes& Lattes. Similar to its predecessor, the new two

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