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This option includes going to Maeklong Railway Market (which we highly recommend). It is the second fastest, second easiest and second most convenient way to go from Bangkok to Amphawa Floating Market (and Maeklong Railway Market). Travel Time: From Mo Chit BTS Station, it takes about 2 hours to get to Amphawa Floating Market.Maeklong Railway Market is one of the biggest attractions in the Bangkok area. It is an authentic Thai market well known for trains running through it. The vendors stalls with fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, drinks or sweets are set right next to the railway. maeklong railway market opening hours

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Trains runs through the Maeklong Railway Market 7 times a day, 7 days a week. In the morning, the train passes by the market 4 times. The train arrives at 0840hrs from Ban Laem Station and departs from Maeklong (Samut Songkram) Railway Station at 0900hrs. The Maeklong Railway Market () is about 60 kilometers away from Bangkok. Its roughly a 1. 5hour drive past the Motorway 9 (Kanchanaphisek) Toll Road, which is the outer ring highway running around the outskirts of the city.maeklong railway market opening hours Maeklong Railway Market is a traditional Thai market selling fresh vegetables, food and fruit. What makes it special is that the market is located on a train line where, a few times a day, the train runs directly through the market.

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Maeklong Railway Market Opening Hours. The train market is open 7 days a week from 6. 20am to 5. 40pm. The Maeklong Railway Market opening hours coincide with the first arrival and last train departure from Maeklong Station. It is best to visit the market in the early morning. maeklong railway market opening hours Maeklong Railway Market means the umbrella pulldown market . It is a very popular market with the locals and is open everyday to supply everyone with their daily needs. Whenever a train approaches, the awnings and shop fronts are moved back from the rails, to be replaced once the train has passed. Maeklong Railway Market Opening Hours: The market is open everyday from 07: 00 until 16: 00. If you choose to go to Maeklong Market by minibus instead of going by train, you can always use the minibus service at Victory Monument (now moved to Morchit Bus Terminal).

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