Baby 6 months feeding every 3 hours

2019-12-11 23:16

The Baby Sleep Problem: My daughter has started to wake every 3 hours. She use to wake only once about 34am. But then she got a cough and cold and then woke every time she had a coughing fit. Becuase of this the only way to settle her was to feed her and put her back to bed but now her cold is gone but she is still waking 34 times a night.May 12, 2015 6 month old waking every 2 hours for feed. Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by AK89 I am BLW and she does eat a fair bit. I try and feed her every 3 hours during the day but she finds much better things to look at and pulls off the boobie, she is so distractable! I had all my kids on baby rice by 6 weeks is what she said to me the baby 6 months feeding every 3 hours

7 week old is feeding every two hours. My daughter is feeding every two hours. 3 weeks, 2 months, 3 months 4 months and 6 months. some details a forget. consulted with a lactation consultant and she swears by the 3 week rule. at 7 weeks, it sounds like a growth spurt to me. pardon for mispellings as i am typiong 1handed in the dark

Hi OP, I think 23 hours is fine for a young baby! I was feeding my DS every 3 hours, but I'm stretching it back to every 4 hours now he's 6 months old and having three solid meals a day. 6 month old 3 hour feeds overnight posted in 612 Months: Hi mums, I have a 6 month old who still wakes up three hourly for a feed overnight. I give him a roll over feed at 11pm after the 6pmbaby 6 months feeding every 3 hours My 6 month old wakes every 34 hours in the night. I bring her to our bed, feed her& then put her back in her cot& she goes straight back to sleep so I know it's not that bad. But when I mention it to people I get a lot of she shouldn't need feeding in the night at 6 months and just offer her water etc. .

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feeding her every 2. 5 hours (and having to wait a half hour to feed her milk after she eats solids) is getting exhausting. I've read that most babies are eating less often at her age (about every 4 hrs). baby 6 months feeding every 3 hours Aug 22, 2008 At 6 wks you feed still on demand so if he is still hungry every 3 hrs you still feed him every 3 hrs. My boys were every 23 hrs at that point.

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