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Hours Open: 12PM8PM (No party) 8PM2AM (Party) This is the games main entertainment venue found in Main Street. During the day until early evening, you can find Dr. Shrunk. Bring him any ki. .Club LOL (or Club 444 in the Japanese version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf) is your town's local night club, where you can learn Expressions, get Songs, and dance the night away. Building Club LOL new leaf club lol hours

Club LOL# lit is a new building in Animal Crossing: New Leaf run by Dr. Shrunk. The building serves two purposes. During the day, Dr. Shrunk can be found inside. If a player brings him a snack such as fruit, he will perform and teach the player a new emotion. Every Saturday night after 8pm, the

For Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Club lol hours . Jun 29, 2013 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Part 44 Club LOL (Nintendo 3DS Day 20) New Leaf Gameplay Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS! On Day 20, I party at Club LOL. business hours for shops, and othernew leaf club lol hours Club LOL is where K. K. Slider performs, and where Dr. Shrunk can teach you emotional reactions. This page explains how to unlock it, and what you can do there. Unlock Club LOL. When you first start the game, Club LOL is not there.

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Nov 29, 2017  Club LOL ( Club Shish (444)) is a building which debuts in New Leaf and replaces The Roost and The Marquee as the main entertainment venue. Dr. Shrunk runs the business, after retiring from his comedian role. new leaf club lol hours 31 2018 () Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band Duration: 7: 24. voldnuit 859, 805 views Club LOL ( Kurabu Shishou), stylized as Club 101 (Club 444), is a new building in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is run by Dr. Shrunk, who has retired Jul 01, 2013  You can go and give Shrunk a food item to learn an emote between noon and 8pm. 8pm is when the music starts. On Saturday nights, K. K. does Animal Crossing: New Leaf Furniture Golden Series Golden words he will pour in your ear, but his lies cant disguise what you fear. The following content is from the Shops and Such chapter of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Official Guide.

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