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It is our mission to maintain accurate records, and to provide the taxpayers of Wareham prompt and efficient service. The Wareham Assessors Office is located at Memorial Town Hall, 54 Marion Rd. Our office hoursWareham Town Clerk Website Town of Wareham election information, voting information, and precincts. Information about Early Voting How to cast your vote early at Wareham Town Hall, with hours. Massachusetts Check Registration Status Use the Department of State online form to check your voter registration status. wareham town hall hours

The Town Clerks Office serves as the Town of Warehams keeper of all vital records and the town seal. The clerks office maintains custody of all vital documents and is responsible for issuance of same. We play a major role in assuring that all vital records housed in the Clerk

Sep 28, 2014  WAREHAM Workers in Warehams Town Hall switch to a fourday work week beginning Monday and all indications are that the schedule will remain in place for the foreseeable future. WAREHAM Beginning next week, Town Hall will be closed on Fridays and open later Monday through Thursday, a move town officials say is designedwareham town hall hours Skip to main content. Home. Keywords

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Access to the Town Clerks office will be available through the west door (located off of Viking Dr. ) as well as the door located in the Handicap Parking Area in the rear of Town Hall See More Wareham Town Hall wareham town hall hours Wareham Town Hall is now closed on Fridays and open later Monday through Thursday, a change a town official says is designed to make the building more accessible to working people. Issues licenses and permits for all new building and renovations as well as electrical, plumbing and gas. The building inspectors also serve as zoning enforcement officers to enforce the Town's Bylaws. Wareham voters will have the opportunity to vote early in the Nov. 6 state election, with the Town Clerks office providing 10 work days in which ballots can be cast before Election Day. Early voting starts on Oct. 22 and ends Nov. 2. Voters have until 8 p. m. on Oct. 17 to register to vote in the election. Each business within the Town of Wareham Regulated Parking Zone may obtain a business parking permit for employees to utilize the General Parking and Employee Permit Areas (identified as the Blue Zone). Spaces are limited and not guaranteed.

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