Is 20 hours a week a lot

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I'm starting to get tired but I'm 42 and have been working 40 hours per week for 20 years. For me it's the almost two hour commute plus 8 hour workday plus25 hours may seem crazy by today's since the last time we asked you this, many of you worked well over 40 hours a weekbut there is a certain logic to Vaupel's argument is 20 hours a week a lot

For years, the 40hour work week was recognized as the sweet spot for workplace productivity and profits, a system, which AlterNet's Sara Robinson points out, is backed by 150 years of research.

Saturday: 0 hours Sunday: 4 hours. Total Worked: 20 hours 43 minutes. After seeing how much I worked in a 7 day work week I was very disappointed in myself. When I had a real job I worked anywhere from 3050 hours in a 5 day work week! Reasons For Not Working as Much Well the main reason for not working as much is that I havent had a lot of 1520 hours. I worked 2530, as did most people I knew, but we all went insane from it in the end. We survived, but I wouldn't recommend going fulltime and working 25 hours or more. Or you could go parttime and work fulltime, or just take 12 credits instead of 1518 and work more. Or just find a job that will give you a lot of hours on the 20 hours a week a lot Nov 22, 2013 I do a bunch of stuff. Mostly I do research, so I spend a lot of time writing code, generating results, and evaluating them. I also manage a team, so that takes up a lot of time.

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Is 20 hours a week a lot free

Sep 22, 2008 20 hours a week is like perfect amount. In real life people work anywhere from 4080 hours a week. I think that's like a little over 3 hours or so a day. Like 5 hours if you only work 5 days a week. Still, it's reasonable and I bet the pay would be good since it's longer. is 20 hours a week a lot Using conservative assumptions for things like commuting, eating, showering, etc. a person working 85 hours per week has only 6. 25 hoursweek of free time . Some assumptions to get us started: We will split the difference and consider an 85 hour work week. For some unknown reason I've always thought training 20 hours a week would solve that, and we have a whopping 168 hours at our disposal each and every week. For me a big training week was running over 50 miles which was still only 7 hours a week. Oct 11, 2007 Nowadays, most salaried employees work an average of 55 hours per week. If you are hourly, you have a better chance at working 40 hours or less per week (but don't get your hopes up).

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