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Located just a few yards from 5th Ave is the Central Park Zoo, where you will find over 130 species, from Snow Leopards to tiny Leaf Cutter Ants. A walk around the Zoo's five plus acres will take you through a variety of habitats, all carefully designed to recreateConstruction was finished by 1985 and the new Central Park Zoo was a reality, and the park once again was home to a facility which is considered one of the finest of its kind. The zoo in Central Park now attracts nearly a million visitors a year from all over the world. the central park zoo hours

Central Park's new, stateoftheart Zoo was built when the Wildlife Conservation Society took over the management in 1984. It showcases animals from tropical, temperate, and polar zones around the world.

Dec 27, 2018  Central Park zoo definitely has good qualities about it, its quaint and the exhibits they have are lovely. The problem is there isnt a lot of exhibits at all, its a very small zoo. The sealions and red pandas are lovely but we did the Central Park Zoo Have a wild time in the heart of New York City, mere steps from Fifth Avenue and the picturesque Manhattan skyline. Dive in to visit with four species of penguins, or imagine scaling the highest peaks to encounter snow leopards of the Himalayas.the central park zoo hours Zoo History. The first incarnation of the zoo in Central Park came about almost by accident. It began with New Yorkers dropping off unwanted animals at the arsenal. In 1864 the legislature approved the construction of a several buildings to house the growing collection, and

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Central Park Zoo. Visitor Info FAQ& Rules Dining Accessibility Park Hours November 4, 2018 April 5, 2019 Daily 10: 00 AM 4: 30 PM. Last entry is 30 minutes prior to closing. Daily Schedule. Location. 64 th Street& 5 th Avenue. New York, NY Getting Here. Get 10 off tickets online the central park zoo hours Making the Most of Your Visit: Central Park Zoo Sightseeing Guide. At Central Park Zoo, NYC tourists can see all sorts of animals, making this a great destination for anyone who loves wildlife. No one has been more successful at recreating animals natural habitats within

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